Injector Cleaning

Silver Bullet Performance provides Australia’s most comprehensive Fuel Injector servicing using the latest technologies from around the globe. With the ability to clean and service injectors from all Automotive, Marine and Motorcycle applications. Cleaning, diagnosing faults, balancing and flow testing are just some of the services we offer and a full report is provided to the customer on completion.



Just $24.95 per Injector


While many Automotive outlets offer Injector cleaning additives or on car Injector cleaning the only way to truly clean and test for verifiable improvements is off the car on a properly engineered machine. Silver Bullet Performance offers this service allowing us to thoroughly clean the injector, visually inspect it before and after cleaning, run it through the full range of RPM and pressure it will be exposed to and provide written and photographic reports showing the improvements and gains.


Ducati injectors, same injector many results

Diagnosis pre cleaning shows these injectors delivering unequal fuel volumes to each cylinder


Poor drivability, excess fuel consumption, poor idle, hard starting and lack of power are just some of the symptoms of dirty or faulty injectors. Poorly performing injectors can also cause engine failure by providing unequal amounts of fuel to each cylinder causing overly lean operation and detonation, leaking injectors can also cause excessive engine wear as the fuel dissolves oil away from the cylinder while resting and causes carbon build up on valves, pistons and cylinder walls that can result in detonation, pitting or even engine failure. At just $24.95 per injector with free return delivery Silver Bullet Performance can test, diagnose and clean your injectors resulting in improved fuel economy, power, drivability and extended engine life. Whether it is your daily driver or high performance engine this is cheap way to ensure your Fuel Injected vehicle is performing at it’s best every time you turn the key.

To have your injectors cleaned simply remove them from your vehicle or have your mechanic do the same and complete the order form. You will then be sent a link to make payment and our workshop address. Upon receipt  of your injectors we will carry out complete diagnosis, cleaning and pre and post testing and have your injectors dispatched back to you with a full report in 48hrs. We’ll even pay the return post for you and the price is just $24.95 per injector.





* If your engine is modified with secondary injectors (Example 6 Cylinder with 1 set of 6 primary injectors and 1 set of 6 secondary injectors) we will do the secondary set for a flat fee of $50 when you have you primary injectors cleaned.

* If your injectors are damaged beyond repair you will only be charged a $10 testing fee per injector and they will be returned to you

Do Pour In Fuel Injector Cleaners Work?

Do Pour In Fuel Injector Cleaners Work?

You’ve all seen them, sold by 10’s of brand names, small bottles of liquid magic as they are often described that are simply poured into the fuel tank and will miraculously clean your injectors. At first it seems like these products must work, the companies make bold claims and talk of all kinds of fancy chemicals that clean your injectors while you drive. But do they work? Is it possible for 250ml that is then diluted amongst the 80odd litres of fuel in your petrol tank to actually achieve the same results that our equipment worth thousands of dollars can achieve?

Do these products work? We say no! And here is the independent advice.

Do these products work? We say no! And here is the independent advice.

Well of course you would expect us to say they don’t work, but don’t take our word for it. Take a read of what one of the industry leading magazines with the help of engineers has to say. And then you will see why the service we offer really is value for money and does actually work.

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The machinery you really need to clean injectors, as proven by Super Street Magazine. It's the equipment we use, because pour in injector cleaners just don't work!

The machinery you really need to clean injectors, as proven by Super Street Magazine. It’s the equipment we use, because pour in injector cleaners just don’t work!



XFORCE Exhausts

Silver Bullet Performance supplies the full range of XFORCE exhaust systems from mufflers to full turbo back systems. XFORCE is becoming one of Australia’s most recognized brands in the Industry.  XFORCE is built on a strong philosophy of providing the pinnacle of quality in the performance exhaust market and provide competitive pricing to match.


XFORCE focuses strongly on research and development which ensures that our diverse range of exhaust products are of powerful engineering precision, stylish and practically designed to maximize performance and most importantly, technically innovative such as our patent VAREX™ Muffler application which in itself, is an exhaust revolution. Our focus on innovation and extensive quality control enables us to provide you with outstanding performance values when it comes to your exhaust. XFORCE is heavily involved in continuous research and development that combines powerfully with our manufacturing advantage in exhaust production and automotive engineering. Our exhaust systems are specially designed and dyno tested by our state-of-the-art Dynapack Evolution 3000 chassis dynamometer machine, for proven maximum performance in our R & D centre here in Australia.


Now Stocking Microtech Engine Management Systems




Silver Bullet Performance is proud to be able to bring you the full range of Microtech Engine Management Systems. MicroTech Engine Management Systems are designed and manufactured in Australia and can be found powering some of the world’s quickest and fastest drag cars, circuit cars, rally cars and street cars as well as numerous types of motorcycles and personal watercraft. Message today for pricing!

MicroTech’s foremost goal is to manufacture high quality Engine Management Systems that are simple, dependable, easy to install and easy to tune while at the same time providing the features and tunability required by experienced racers. This makes our system the perfect choice for all types of motorsport from the weekend hot rodder venturing into EFI for the first time through to the professional motorsport teams chasing world record setting performances.


Brembo Brakes

Born In Italy, Proven Around the World!

Brembo Goes Global


Launched over 50 years ago in Italy, Brembo has grown to become the undisputed leader in the brake systems market. In a quest to dominate the performance braking category, the company ventured into Formula 1 racing in 1975, supplying its own complete braking systems for Ferrari GP cars. If you’re going to build a performance brand for brakes, take notes because this is how it’s done. Through technological innovation and continuous research into materials and manufacturing processes,Brembo Brakes have become one of the world’s most prestigious brands overall and its brake systems are original equipment on some of the most prestigious performance automotive brands in the world. A set of “Brembos” on a vehicle makes a serious performance statement even at an idle.


The quality control is so critical that they even have scientists at mining facilities so they can inspect the minerals being chosen to be cast or forged into rotors.

Now a fully fledged multinational company, Brembo has operations on three continents and production facilities in twelve countries. The Brembo brand is now marketed and delivered in seventy nations worldwide and can be found dominating most all motorsport racing classes from Autocross to Time Attack all the way up to Indy, NASCAR and Formula One.


For all Brembo Performance Drilled Rotors, Slotted Rotors and Original Equipment rotors as well as Brake Pads and Brembo GT and GT-R Big Brake Kits Contact us for a quote!

CX Racing Coilovers

CX Racing CoilOver Suspension Kit

Mono-Tube, Top Mount, 32 Step Damper & Ride Height Adjustable
with Pillow Ball mount and Camber Plate. Kits to suit most cars. 


1 (1)
– 32 Step Damper Adjustable
– Precise control damp valve, Operates smoothly on all road surfaces
– Expansion/Suppression of shock adjustment
– Height and low adjustable, Superb road holding qualities and great looks
– Single Cylinder, or Mono-Tube Design, with Larger cylinder and piston design, advances driving stability and dexterity
– ARTC Durability Test & Salt Spray Fog Test, Guaranteed with Top Quality Material and Long Durability


IS300 Turbo Kit

Cxracing Turbo Intercooler Kit Manifold Downpipe For 98-05 Lexus IS300 


XRacing GT35 Turbo + Intercooler Kit For 98-05 Lexus IS300 2JZ-GE NA-T

Brand NEW Design of Top Mount T4 GT35 Turbo Manifold with Equal Length and Long Tube Runner Design, Support Bigger HP and Higher Torque.

Bolt On Fitment, No Need to Relocate Anything. Turbo Is Positioned A Little Big Backward, to Free More Front Clearance, Keeps Stock ABS Unit (See Picture Below).

Intercooler Kit is Also Bolt Fit, Double Core Intercooler is New Design to Keep Factory Bumper Support Bar, It Maximizes Intercooler Cooling Capacity without Cutting Anything

3″ Vband Downpipe and WG Dump Tube.

No Cut, No Relocation of Other Parts. Bolt On Fitment.


CX Racing Official Retailer

Silver Bullet Performance is now an official retailer of CX racing products, including the full range of turbo kits and suspension components.


At CXRacing, Our Only Goal is to Offer Top Quality Products and Services to Meet Your Top Performance Needs at the Lowest Possible Price! Our Business Model and Strategy are Built on the Foundation Enabling Us to Achieve That Goal. Most of Our Products are Developed and Made to be User Friendly, Excellent Quality and Longevity of Use
Aluminum Pipe
Our Aluminum Pipes are Designed with the Optimized Radius to Meet Most of the Applications, its 2mm Thick Wall has Been Proven as the Best and Ideal Wall Thickness for Welding. We Supply Over 10K Pcs Monthly of these Pipes to Many Shops and Companies, to Fabricate Their Piping Kits.
Intercooler and Piping Kit
Our Intercoolers Offer Excellent Air Flow and Cooling Efficiency. We Have Developed over 30 Different Bolts On IC Kit Applications and Keep Working on More. Our Kits have Been Widely Adapted and Used in Many Car Platforms, Such As Nissan S13/S14 SR/RB, Toyota Supra/Lexus 7MGTE/ 1JZGTE/ 2JZGTE, Mitsubishi 3000GT/Eclipse, Mazda MS3/MS6, Ford Mustang. Audi A4/S4. We will Continual and Will Also Speed Up Many Developments for other Platforms and Applications.
Turbo Kit
Our Turbo Kits are Developed and Tested on the Cars We Own, to Offer the Best Fitment and Performance Results. We Bring Our Kits to the Next Level by Offering Thick Wall Manifold that Won’t Crack and Able to Handling Extreme Power Needs, and Still Maintaining a Market Price Leader.