Brembo Brakes

Born In Italy, Proven Around the World!

Brembo Goes Global


Launched over 50 years ago in Italy, Brembo has grown to become the undisputed leader in the brake systems market. In a quest to dominate the performance braking category, the company ventured into Formula 1 racing in 1975, supplying its own complete braking systems for Ferrari GP cars. If you’re going to build a performance brand for brakes, take notes because this is how it’s done. Through technological innovation and continuous research into materials and manufacturing processes,Brembo Brakes have become one of the world’s most prestigious brands overall and its brake systems are original equipment on some of the most prestigious performance automotive brands in the world. A set of “Brembos” on a vehicle makes a serious performance statement even at an idle.


The quality control is so critical that they even have scientists at mining facilities so they can inspect the minerals being chosen to be cast or forged into rotors.

Now a fully fledged multinational company, Brembo has operations on three continents and production facilities in twelve countries. The Brembo brand is now marketed and delivered in seventy nations worldwide and can be found dominating most all motorsport racing classes from Autocross to Time Attack all the way up to Indy, NASCAR and Formula One.


For all Brembo Performance Drilled Rotors, Slotted Rotors and Original Equipment rotors as well as Brake Pads and Brembo GT and GT-R Big Brake Kits Contact us for a quote!

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