Injector Cleaning

Silver Bullet Performance provides Australia’s most comprehensive Fuel Injector servicing using the latest technologies from around the globe. With the ability to clean and service injectors from all Automotive, Marine and Motorcycle applications. Cleaning, diagnosing faults, balancing and flow testing are just some of the services we offer and a full report is provided to the customer on completion.



Just $24.95 per Injector


While many Automotive outlets offer Injector cleaning additives or on car Injector cleaning the only way to truly clean and test for verifiable improvements is off the car on a properly engineered machine. Silver Bullet Performance offers this service allowing us to thoroughly clean the injector, visually inspect it before and after cleaning, run it through the full range of RPM and pressure it will be exposed to and provide written and photographic reports showing the improvements and gains.


Ducati injectors, same injector many results

Diagnosis pre cleaning shows these injectors delivering unequal fuel volumes to each cylinder


Poor drivability, excess fuel consumption, poor idle, hard starting and lack of power are just some of the symptoms of dirty or faulty injectors. Poorly performing injectors can also cause engine failure by providing unequal amounts of fuel to each cylinder causing overly lean operation and detonation, leaking injectors can also cause excessive engine wear as the fuel dissolves oil away from the cylinder while resting and causes carbon build up on valves, pistons and cylinder walls that can result in detonation, pitting or even engine failure. At just $24.95 per injector with free return delivery Silver Bullet Performance can test, diagnose and clean your injectors resulting in improved fuel economy, power, drivability and extended engine life. Whether it is your daily driver or high performance engine this is cheap way to ensure your Fuel Injected vehicle is performing at it’s best every time you turn the key.

To have your injectors cleaned simply remove them from your vehicle or have your mechanic do the same and complete the order form. You will then be sent a link to make payment and our workshop address. Upon receipt  of your injectors we will carry out complete diagnosis, cleaning and pre and post testing and have your injectors dispatched back to you with a full report in 48hrs. We’ll even pay the return post for you and the price is just $24.95 per injector.





* If your engine is modified with secondary injectors (Example 6 Cylinder with 1 set of 6 primary injectors and 1 set of 6 secondary injectors) we will do the secondary set for a flat fee of $50 when you have you primary injectors cleaned.

* If your injectors are damaged beyond repair you will only be charged a $10 testing fee per injector and they will be returned to you

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